General terms and conditions for purchase and sale via e-shop

These general terms and conditions govern the order, manner and conditions for purchase and sale through the electronic shop of Euroshop Ltd. These terms and conditions are a contract of sale between Euroshop Ltd. and the Client.


For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the following terms are used with the following meanings:


a / Euroshop Ltd. is a trading company with the name Euroshop Ltd., UIC: XXXXXXXXX with headquarters and address of management Plovdiv, 4 Kichevo Str., providing goods and services online via e - shop:

b / By "Goods" is meant, each of the offered items in the E-shop, which is described with its main features, image and sales price.

c / "Customer" means any person who has purchased or made an order to purchase an item from the e-shop.

d / Online shop is a virtual shop with electronic address

e / "CPA" means the Consumer Protection Act.




1.1 Euroshop Ltd. provides the Customer with the opportunity to purchase the goods offered through the E-Store by sending a request / order / and paying the respective selling price, subject to the Client's observance of the present General Terms and Conditions.


1.2 The contract of sale between Euroshop EOOD and the Client shall be deemed to have been concluded from the moment of confirmation of the request made by the customer and upon the request of an unavailable product, the contract shall be deemed concluded when the advance is received.




2. The registration procedure of the site is absolutely voluntary and free of charge. Registration is only required for online shopping. The site can be viewed by the users freely without the need for registration. To register you need to fill out a registration form.


The fields that must be filled in are marked with an asterisk.

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Upon successful completion of the registration, the user will receive a username and password to access the profile created in the site.

By electronic order from the online store, only those goods that the system allows to be added to the user's shopping cart can be purchased. All information about the products offered for sale through the online store, including but not limited to technical features, warranty conditions, usage patterns, etc. is provided by the manufacturer respectively the importer of the respective product, as Euroshop Ltd does not bear any responsibility for false, incorrect or incorrectly presented information, false information presented in a misleading way, in case of discrepancy between the presented factual and actual situation and printing errors.