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Spring/Autumn jacket Mountain Skin


Spring/Autumn jacket Mountain Skin for everyday use.      

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Styles Trendy
Material Cotton, Polyester
Weight 1.000 kg
Sex Men
Season Autumn, Winter

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High-quality Spring/Autumn jacket Mountain Skin for everyday use made of *American acrylic.

*** American Acrylic - Acrylic fibers are made of acrylonitrile, petrochemical. Acrylonitrile is usually combined with small amounts of other chemicals to improve the ability of the fiber obtained to absorb dyes. Some acrylic fibers are dried, others are damp.

To be called "acrylic" in the US, the polymer should contain at least 85% acrylonitrile monomer. Typical comonomers are vinyl acetate or methyl acrylate. DuPont created the first acrylic fiber in 1941 and sold it under the name of Orlon. 

American acrylic fibers have been modified to provide special properties that are best suited to specific end uses. They are unique among synthetic fibers because they have uneven surfaces even when extruded from a spiral network with round holes. Here are the main features of American acrylic:

   -Exclusive reliability and quick-drying to relieve moisture from the surface of the body;
   - Flexible aesthetics for wavy, cotton or blended looks;
   - It is easy to wash, preserves its shape;
   - Resistant to moths, oils and chemicals;
   -Various to bright shades with excellent durability;

Additional sources: www.wikepedia.org


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Spring/Autumn jacket Mountain Skin

Spring/Autumn jacket Mountain Skin

Spring/Autumn jacket Mountain Skin for everyday use.      

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